Spot® Endoscopic Marker Receives Trademark For Distinctive Packaging

Spot® Endoscopic Marker was granted trademark protection today for its iconic and distinctive packaging in the gastroenterology marketplace. Following more than 20 years of use, a recent market research survey of healthcare professionals revealed that an overwhelming majority identify a drawing of the package with the brand.

“It’s always nice to see Spot on the shelves in endoscopy labs across the country. Gastroenterologists and nurses have grown to trust Spot as the gold standard in endoscopic tattooing and recognize this product as something can rely on to find lesions fast at follow-up procedures”, said Rhett Klein, VP of Sales at GI Supply.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued four trademarks granting proprietary rights to GI Supply for this unique design in endoscopic products.

USPTO Serial Nos. 87/519,513; 87/519,463; 87/519,445; 87/519,412