Spot® Ex Endoscopic Tattoo

Spot® Ex Endoscopic Tattoo

Darker tattoo enables fast and easy identification1
  • Easier to find at future endoscopy or surgery because Spot® Ex is a darker tattoo2
  • Tattooing has been shown to reduce OR time by up to 40 minutes3
The #1 Endoscopic Tattoo Choice of Gastroenterologists
  • Robust clinical evidence documented through more than 30 peer reviewed published studies and society guidelines
  • Used in more than 5 million cases globally, with no reported adverse events4
Tattooing with Spot® Ex is cost effective
  • Tattooing with Spot® Ex is cost effective with dedicated reimbursement
  • Tattooing is reimbursed as a submucosal injection CPT code 45381

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Expanded Indications Support Adoption of Guidelines

  • “We recommend the use of tattoo, using sterile carbon particle suspension, to demarcate any lesion that may require localization at future endoscopic or surgical procedures1



Expedite Localization At Follow-up Procedures

  • By tattooing lesions with dark, permanent endoscopic tattoos, localization in colon resection surgery or post polypectomy for follow-up colonoscopy can be fast and easy
  • Allows 100% visualization of the correct surgical site2
  • Decreases surgical procedure time and blood loss3


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“We recommend the use of tattoo, using sterile carbon particle suspension, to demarcate any lesion that may require localization at future endoscopic or surgical procedures”
Endoscopic Removal of Colorectal Lesions
Recommendations by the US Multi Society Task Force on Colorectal Cancer. Feb 2020 (ACG/ASGE/AGA)

Frequently Asked Questions

Spot® Ex comes in a prefilled, pre-assembled, Zero-Step Prep™ syringe with a roll proof cap. Spot Ex is sold in boxes of 10 syringes.
Spot® Ex is permanent, affording clinicians a lifetime of follow-up procedures for their patients who are at future risk of colon cancer.
Spot® Ex is the first and only endoscopic tattoo indicated for both surgical localization and clinical surveillance.
Clinical surveillance refers to a clinician’s choice to monitor, or follow-up with, a patient at future intervals based on practice guidelines. Endoscopic tattoos help ensure the providers identify the same area of interest at each surveillance interval.
Surgical localization refers to the surgeon’s need to precisely locate an area of interest that was previously identified endoscopically. Endoscopic tattoos placed by the referring gastroenterologist are readily located at the time of surgery, facilitating quicker surgical localization (1.) (1.) Arteaga-Gonzalez I, et. al., The use of preoperative endoscopic tattooing in laparoscopic colorectal cancer surgery for endoscopically advanced tumors: a prospective comparative clinical study. World J Surg . 2006. 30(4):605–611
No. Spot® Ex is an FDA-cleared medical device. It can be stored in the procedure room under normal conditions.
0.5-0.75ml of Spot® Ex should be injected submucosally into four quadrants distal to the lesion of interest. Use a 23 or 25 gauge injection needle at an angle so that the beveled tip of the needle is entirely beneath the mucosa. If the needle is inserted perpendicular to the mucosa, there is a risk of penetrating the serosa and injecting the marker directly into the peritoneal cavity.
Shaking Spot Ex vigorously for 15-20 seconds prior to loading the injection needle insures a consistent color throughout injection.
Absolutely! Download the Spot® Ex Reimbursement Guide found on this page.
Please download the Indications for Use (IFU) document to see all Indications, Contraindications and Procedural Risk information.

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