RenovaRP Accessories

RenovaRP® Accessories

Improve the Paracentesis Experience for You and Your Patients

The RenovaRP Accessories offer unique benefits compared to standard products, increasing the ease and convenience of paracentesis procedures.

RenovaRP Paracentesis Kit

  • The RenovaRP Paracentesis Kit contains standard items as well as the proprietary RenovaRP Tubing
  • The Tubing features a T-shaped end with dual stopcocks to direct flow from one bag to the other, eliminating the need to start and stop the procedure.

RenovaRP Drainage Bags

  • RenovaRP Drainage Bags have a 1.6 L capacity versus the standard 1 L capacity of many bottles and canisters
  • Bags are packaged 20 to a box which equates to 32 L of drainage space with a small footprint for portability.  Each bag is individually packaged and sterile.

Item Number (Kit): GIS-32
Item Number (Bags): GIS-29

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RenovaRP Paracentesis Management System Overview

RenovaRP Paracentesis Pump: Setup and Operation

RenovaRP Paracentesis Pump vs Vacuum Bottles

“I love our Renova Pump. With Renova, it usually takes half the time to remove the fluid as compared to when we used wall suction. We can give our patients some of their day back since they don't have to be in the hospital as long and they really appreciate it.”
Emily Lee RT(R)
Cedar Rapids, IA
“During COVID, we’ve had many inpatients that needed paracentesis, additionally some were either quarantining or had positive tests. The portability of Renova allowed us to effectively separate patients and perform procedures where it was safest to do so. This allowed us to minimize “traffic” and potential exposures throughout the nursing units and in our own department. We simply took Renova on its cart to the patient. Once the procedure was completed all we had to do was wipe down the cart and pump.”
Harold Hulings RT(R) CV
Interventional Radiology Supervisor
“Prior to the Renova pump we had used vacuum bottles for our paracentesis procedures. The staff here is very happy with the switch to Renova. They enjoy the fact that it's a closed system and very easy to use.”
Gerald Roxas RN BSN
Baldwin Park, CA

Please refer to the Renova Kit Spec Sheet in the Downloads section above.

Compared to traditional 1 L vacuum bottles, RenovaRP drainage bags have a 1.6 L capacity. The dual bag system enables the user to direct flow from one bag to the other without interruption, eliminating the need to stop the procedure to change bottles.

Renova drains ascites via a peristaltic pump that provides gentle, continuous flow. Check out the Video section above to learn more.

Traditional abdominal paracentesis that relies on glass bottles and/or gravity bags to drain ascitic fluid from the abdomen can take a substantial amount of time, especially for large volumes. With Renova paracentesis procedures become fast and efficient.

Managing ascites can be a long, repetitive process with patients often having to undergo hours of paracentesis multiple times a month. The RenovaRP automates paracentesis procedures, allowing you to treat your patient safely, quickly and effectively. The pump sets up easily and has pre-assembled tubing kits, further saving you and your patient valuable time.

No. RenovaRP eliminates the need for vacuum bottles or canisters for paracentesis. Renova drainage bags store flat saving you valuable space as well as the hassle of transporting unwieldy bottles.

Please reference the Indications for Use (IFU) document found in the Downloads section above.

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