UltimaBloc™ (50 Fr)

This bite block offers the ultimate in clinical positioning because of its patented Slip Slope™ ergonomic design.  The single piece construction of Slip Slope slides naturally into the patient’s mouth, naturally providing a secure fit.  It’s flat surface effortlessly holds the tongue out of the way.  Its 50 Fr opening offers a versatile size for your endoscope and accessories.

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UltimaBloc is a single use, disposable, latex free bite block

  • UltimaBloc Master (Box of 100): GIS-4-M
  • UltimaBloc Dispenser (Box of 25): GIS-4-D

Each bite block is individually packaged with one latex free strap

Constructed of soft polyethylene with rounded edges to protect patients and keep them happy.

US Patent 5,174,284

Made in the USA

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