ScopeTote™ Endoscope Transport Bag

The ScopeTote Endoscope Transport Bag is designed as a leak-proof, puncture resistant container.  Unlike a tray, it completely contains the post-procedural endoscopy equipment, reducing the risk of spreading bacteria while being transported for cleaning.


  • ScopeTote material is made of a non-porous, non-leaking polyethylene, four-millimeter film
  • ScopeTote is sealed with a weld around three perimeter walls
  • ScopeTote has a resealable zipper with a hold strength specified at 30 pounds


  • Security: Each ScopeTote lot is inspected and tested to meet quality specifications.
  • Versatility: ScopeTote can be stored on a floor cart and isn’t limited to the procedure floor, therefore you can use it wherever your patients are.
  • Simplicity:  ScopeTote is clear and labeled so you can immediately identify the contents while not exposing yourself to contaminants.

Item #:

  • ScopeTote™ (Box of 25): GIS-16

Made in the USA

What is the benefit of using ScopeTote over a standard tray?
Unlike a tub or tray, ScopeTote is a sealable, clear plastic bag that provides a safe, convenient way to transport endoscopes and other clean or contaminated medical equipment. It completely contains soiled equipment, reducing the risk of cross contamination.

Can I use the ScopeTote medical equipment bag to transport or store medical supplies?
Yes. The large, 24” x 20” resealable bag is the right size for transporting scopes and other medical equipment.

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