Piranha LC Luminal Clearance Treatment System

Quickly and Efficiently Removes Mucus or Pancreatic Necrotic Tissue in a Closed System with One Device

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Easy to Use: Quick and Intuitive

Provides a Closed System to Support Safety

  • Piranha LC is connected directly to wall suction, bypassing scope suction and creating a closed system for mucus removal or necrotic tissue removal and sample collection

Designed for Efficiency

  • Uses wall suction and Teflon coated catheter with beveled tip to maximize removal

Product Details:

  • 124cm working length
  • Sterile
  • Single patient use
  • Made in the USA

Item #s:

PRNA124LCPiranha LC Luminal Clearance Catheter5

Quickly and Efficiently Remove Mucus or Necrotic Tissue Through a Closed System
Piranha LC is a new device designed to create a closed system to remove mucus from the GI tract, trachea and/or pulmonary tree. It is also indicated to remove necrotic tissue during walled-off pancreatic necrosis.

Design and Functionality

  • Custom molded handle to interface with wall suction system
  • Proximal 5” of shaft to add stiffness and push ability
  • Internal liner is Teflon coated providing a lubricious surface to maximize suction
  • Custom tip with beveled edges and increased stiffness to aid in quick and safe removal of mucus from the lungs or necrotic tissue from pancreatic pseudo-cyst
  • Requires minimum 2.8mm working channel or greater
  • 124cm working length
  • Sterile
  • Single patient use
  • Piranha LC is sold in boxes of 5 catheters
  • Made in the USA

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