Piranha GI Food Impaction Catheter

Clears Food Impactions with One Device in Minutes

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Easy to Use: Quick and Intuitive

  • Core through impaction
  • Remove the food
  • Clear the field

Saves Time and Procedural Cost: One Device in Minutes

  • Pull one device compared to trying multiple solutions before clearing the food impaction
  • Save costly ER and GI costs by clearing the impaction in minutes compared to hours with traditional solutions

Enhances Physician and Staff Satisfaction

Product Details:

  • 124cm working length
  • Non-sterile single patient use
  • Made in the USA

Item #s:

PRNA124GIFood Impaction Aspiration Catheter5

Food Impactions Made Simple
Piranha GI connects to the aspiration system in the treatment room and uses the pressure to core through the food impaction while pulling the food through the catheter an away from the patient. The reduced surface area of the impaction allows it to evacuate normally through the esophagus and clear the field.

Design and Functionality

  • Custom molded handle for ease of handling that interfaces with the vacuum
  • Proximal 5” of shaft to add stiffness and push ability
  • Internal liner is Teflon coated providing a lubricious surface to facilitate food suction
  • Custom tip with beveled edges and increased stiffness aides in coring through the impaction
  • Non-Sterile, single patient use
  • Piranha GI is sold in boxes of 5 catheters
  • Made in the USA

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Piranha GI: Animated Demonstration Video

Piranha GI Training Video with Dr. Ganz

Piranha GI Case Video

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