RenovaRP® Paracentesis Management System

Improves All Aspects of Paracentesis Procedures for Ascites Treatment

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Enhances Patient Safety and Satisfaction

  • Gentle, continuous drainage of ascitic fluid
  • Closed, clean system reduces risk of exposure
  • Adjustable speed for procedural control and patient comfort
  • Patient satisfaction through a fast procedure1

Easier on Staff

  • Closed, clean system reduces risk of exposure
  • Light, portable system goes virtually anywhere
  • Dual bag system means no need to stop and start drainage
  • Pre-assembled sterile kit

Cost Effective

  • No need for evacuated bottles or canisters
  • Fast, efficient paracentesis procedures save time and labor
  • Clear return on investment
  • Meaningful reimbursement

1. Data on file.

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The RenovaRP Paracentesis Pump is a highly portable, peristaltic pump designed to provide continuous, gentle drainage for complete evacuation of ascitic fluid. The pump uses fully sealable 1.6L fluid drainage bags that store flat and a pre-assembled sterile kit that includes a 5F One-Step™ catheter, and the RenovaRP Pump Tube Set, which is required for operation of the system.

For each patient procedure, you need:

  • The RenovaRP Paracentesis Pump
  • One (1) RenovaRP Paracentesis Kit (Click here to review kit contents)
  • 1.6 L RenovaRP Fluid Drainage Bags (quantity will vary depending on the amount of fluid to be drained)

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How does the RenovaRP work?
Renova drains ascites via a peristaltic pump that provides gentle, continuous flow. Check out the details in the demo video linked below.
Watch a demo video here

How much faster is the RenovaRP than traditional treatments?
Traditional abdominal paracentesis that relies on glass bottles and/or gravity bags to drain ascitic fluid from the abdomen can take a substantial amount of time, especially for large volumes. A paracentesis session using the RenovaRP pump typically takes less than 30 minutes.

What is the most efficient way to manage my patient’s ascites?
Managing ascites can be a long, repetitive process with patients often having to undergo hours of paracentesis multiple times a week. The RenovaRP automates paracentesis procedures, allowing you to treat your patient safely, quickly and effectively, often in less than 30 minutes per session. The pump sets up easily and has pre-assembled tubing kits, further saving you and your patient valuable time.

Does the RenovaRP Pump require glass or plastic bottles?
No. RenovaRP replaces glass paracentesis drainage bottles with plastic bags. This will save you storage space, reduce the risk of breaks and spills, and completely eliminates the need for solidifiers for disposal.

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Explore how the RenovaRP Paracentesis Pump functions, the general setup, and proper operation.

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See how the RenovaRP Paracentesis Pump from GI Supply stacks up against traditional vacuum bottles.

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The RenovaRP Paracentesis Management System improves all aspects of large volume paracentesis procedures in your practice. Watch this product demo video to learn how.

See the RenovaRP System in action!

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