MoonPants® Colonoscopy Exam Shorts/Pants

MoonPants feature a flap that can be opened during a colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, barium enema or prostatic ultrasound. These dignity pants are constructed with soft, comfortable fabric, MoonPants are a more modest alternative to open-back hospital gowns or can be worn underneath to help preserve the patient’s dignity and comfort.

  • Preserve patient modesty and privacy
  • Modest alternative to open-back hospital gowns
  • Disposable shorts with a fold-up flap with adhesive tabs for easy positioning
  • MoonPants Shorts are available in three sizes:
    • Small/Medium (waist 16″-36″)
    • Medium/Large (waist 18″-48″)
    • XL (waist 25″-65″)
  • MoonPants Long, a full-length pant version, is also available in Medium/Large (waist 18″-48″)

Item #:

  • MoonPants S/M (Box of 50): GIS-7-SM
  • MoonPants M/L (Box of 50): GIS-7-ML
  • MoonPants XL (Box of 45): GIS-7-XL
  • MoonPants Long (Box of 50): GIS-13

Why would I use a GI Supply Garment instead of a standard hospital gown?
Many GI procedures leave patients feeling exposed at a time when they are already anxious. GI Supply provides the patented MoonPants® that feature a flap than can be opened during a colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, barium enema, or prostatic ultrasound. Easy-to-use adhesive tabs keep the flap closed before and after the procedure, protecting your patients’ modesty, and proving that you care about them as people.

Do you sell individual MoonPants directly to patients?
Yes. MoonPants can now be purchased on Amazon in singles.

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