Meducate® Patient Brochures

Educating your patients about their medical procedures or diagnoses, even after they return home, can help you meet meaningful use requirements, improve quality, and boost patient satisfaction.

  • Choose from the most extensive array of GI topics available
  • Personalize patient education brochures for your practice or facility
  • Provide your patients with the highest quality imagery and content

Item #:

  • See tabs below for Item Numbers by Topic/Language
  • Disease and Procedure Topics: 50 brochures per title (one pack)
  • Dietary Topics: 10 brochures per title (one pack)
  • 3 pack minimum order (may be mixed and matched)

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Care continues beyond the office visit, making patient education a key component of high quality patient care.

  • 40 patient education topics
  • Largest variety of GI diseases and procedures
  • Available in both English and Spanish
  • Easy to read and understand
  • Convenient for patients and family members
  • Full color medical illustrations
  • Can be personalized for your practice or facility

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Available Topics

TopicItem Number (English)Item Number (Spanish)
Anal Fissure, Abscess, & FistulaMGI-38MSGI-38
Barrett’s EsophagusMGI-40MSGI-40
Celiac DiseaseMGI-50MSGI-50
Colon Polyps/CancerMGI-01MSGI-01
Crohn’s DiseaseMGI-16MSGI-16
Endoscopic UltrasoundMGI-52MSGI-52
Eosinophilic EsophagitisMGI-55MSGI-55
Esophageal DilatationMGI-25MSGI-25
Esophageal ManometryMGI-31MSGI-31
Esophageal VaricesMGI-51MSGI-51
Fatty LiverMGI-37MSGI-37
Flexible SigmoidoscopyMGI-23MSGI-23
Heartburn and Refl­uxMGI-04MSGI-04
Helicobacter PyloriMGI-30MSGI-30
Hepatitis CMGI-42MSGI-42
Hiatal HerniaMGI-08MSGI-08
High Fiber DietMGI-22MSGI-22
Irritable Bowel SyndromeMGI-03MSGI-03
Lactose IntoleranceMGI-24MSGI-24
Liver BiopsyMGI-27MSGI-27
Low Fiber Low ResidueMGI-56MSGI-56
Peptic Ulcer DiseaseMGI-09MSGI-09
Prev. of Colon Polyps/CancerMGI-32MSGI-32
Rectal BleedingMGI-29MSGI-29
Refl­ux Esophagitis & StrictureMGI-05MSGI-05
Ulcerative ColitisMGI-15MSGI-15
Upper GI EndoscopyMGI-18MSGI-18

Whether short-lived or long-term, changes in diet are sometime necessary for your patients to live happier, healthier lives.

  • 52 different patient education dietary booklets
  • Easy to read and understand
  • Convenient for patients and family members
  • Includes lists of foods to choose or limit
  • Includes nutritional information for specific foods
  • Provides helpful hints and sample menus
  • Available Topics

    TopicItem Number
    High FiberD-01
    Low Fiber/Low ResidueD-02
    Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)D-03
    Peptic Ulcer Disease/Non Ulcer DyspepsiaD-04
    Gluten-Free D-06
    Dysphagia-5 Levels Difficulty in SwallowingD-07
    Gastroparesis/Delayed Stomach EmptyingD-08
    Low Protein D-10
    Low Fat (Diarrhea/GB)D-11
    Gas and Flatulence PreventionD-12
    Colostomy, Ileostomy, Rectal PouchD-13
    Clear Liquid D-14
    Full Liquid D-15
    Fecal Fat Test-PreparationD-16
    Low Copper/Wilson’s DiseaseD-17
    Vegetarian D-18
    Hypoglycemia D-19
    Osteoporosis D-20
    Reduced SodiumD-21
    Gastric Bypass D-22
    Parkinson’s D-23
    Low Cholesterol (Step 1 and Step 2)D-24
    Mediterranean PyramidD-26
    Kidney Stone (Cystine Stones)D-27
    Kidney Stone (Uric Acid Stones)D-28
    Kidney Stone (Calcium Stones)D-29
    Ash D-30
    High/Low PotassiumD-31
    Low-Tyramine D-32
    Breast-Feeding D-33
    Pregnancy D-34
    Soft and Mechanical SoftD-35
    Increasing CaloriesD-37
    High/Low Iron D-38
    Vitamin K RegulatedD-39
    Oral Glucose Tolerance Test PreparationD-40
    Nutrition and COPDD-41
    Nutrition and CancerD-42
    High Blood PressureD-43
    Nutrition and AIDS/HIVD-44
    Weight Loss D-45
    Finding Nutrition in Fast FoodD-46
    Gestational DiabetesD-47
    Nutrition for Older AdultsD-48
    Carbohydrate Counting for Type l DiabetesD-49
    Carbohydrate Counting for Type ll DiabetesD-50
    Ulcerative ColitisD-51
    Crohn’s Disease D-52
    Cholesterol ConnectionD-3330

What’s the best way to educate my patients on digestive disease states and nutrition?
You, as a practitioner your patient knows and trusts, are the first line of education for your patients, but there are only so many of your words your patients can retain long after they leave your office. Meducate GI Patient Education Brochures include everything needed to help manage their GI condition – it’s the next-best-thing to having you by their side 24-7.

How do Meducate brochures help with patient compliance?
By combining your words with an illustrated, easy to read brochures and complete set of starter kits, patients will be more informed on their condition, and more likely to follow your instructions.

How will Meducate brochures make a difference in my practice?
Both the patient education brochures and dietary booklets improve inter-office efficiency by saving valuable clinician time. They also facilitate compliance with Medicare’s Meaningful Use guidelines.

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