HpFast™ and HpOne™ H. pylori Tests

Get the results you need the first time with an all-in-one kit that provides a quick and accurate urease test for Helicobacter pylori gastritis identification.

  • EASY: HpFast and HpOne use an easy-to-read, high-contrast blue color. A positive control is also included with each test kit.
  • SAFE: HpFast and HpOne come with a pick and spatula to avoid the unnecessary risk of using needles.
  • FAST: HpFast and HpOne give you results in 24 hours and one hour, respectively.

Item #:

  • HpOne Master™ (Box of 50): GIS-64M
  • HpOne Dispenser™ (Box of 20): GIS-64D
  • HpFast Master™ (Box of 50): GIS-22M
  • HpFast Dispenser™ (Box of 20): GIS-22D
  • Urease (B2 ML Bottle): GIS-62-2ML

How do I administer an H. pylori test with HpFast or HpOne?
Both the HpFast and HpOne utilize a breakaway biopsy pick and spatula for safe cell removal instead of requiring clinical staff to use a syringe to remove cells, risking injury and contamination.

Are HpFast and HpOne CLIA waived?
Yes. Interpretation of results derived from HpFast and HpOne are CLIA waived.

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