BiteBlocs prevent costly bite damage to your scopes during upper endoscopy procedures. They are available in the widest range of sizes and styles on the market, designed for the specific needs of different patients and endoscopic procedures.

  • STRONG: BiteBlocs are made of soft polyethylene to provide proper protection for teeth, lips, and jaws.
  • VERSATILE: BiteBlocs come in five distinct sizes for all your patients’ needs.
  • SIMPLE: BiteBlocs are built with high flanges and right-size design to naturally fit into a patient’s mouth – no matter how little.
  • LATEX-FREE: All of our BiteBlocs, as well as the straps that keep them securely in place, contain no latex.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: BiteBlocs are designed with large lateral openings for the ultimate clinical utility.
  • UNIQUE: UltimaBloc offers the patented Slip-Slope design which slides back into the patient’s mouth, naturally providing a secure fit.

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Item #:

  • BlueBloc™ Master (Box of 100): GIS-1-M
  • BlueBloc™ Dispenser (Box of 25): GIS-1-D
  • PediaBloc™ Master (Box of 100): GIS-2-M
  • PediaBloc™ Dispenser (Box of 25): GIS-2-D
  • GeneraBloc™ Master (Box of 100): GIS-3-M
  • GeneraBloc™ Dispenser (Box of 25): GIS-3-D
  • UltimaBloc™ Master (Box of 100): GIS-4-M
  • UltimaBloc™ Dispenser (Box of 25): GIS-4-D
  • OmniBloc™ Master (Box of 100): GIS-11-M
  • OmniBloc™ Dispenser (Box of 25): GIS-11-D
  • Extra BiteBloc™ Straps* (One Unit): G-STRAP
  • * Straps included with each BiteBloc except GeneraBloc

In what types, sizes and quantities do BiteBlocs come?
GI Supply carries five distinct sizes for all patient needs.

PediaBloc® – 27Fr – (25 or 100 per box)
UltimaBloc® – 50Fr – (25 or 100 per box)
BlueBloc® – 48Fr – (25 or 100 per box)
GeneraBloc® (without side flanges) – 54F – (25 or 100 per box)
OmniBloc® – 60Fr – (25 or 100 per box)

Does GI Supply have a specialty pediatric version?
Yes, the PediaBloc is available for procedures on small children and infants. The large flange design secures the bite block position, protecting even your smallest patient’s lips, teeth and jaw.

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