GI Supply Unveils Enhanced RenovaRP® Paracentesis Management System

GI Supply Unveils Enhanced RenovaRP® Paracentesis Management System

For those suffering from ascites, management of the condition through paracentesis can be a long, repetitive process with patients having to endure hours of treatment, sometimes spread across multiple sessions in a week.

That’s why we’re excited to officially unveil an enhanced edition of our RenovaRP Paracentesis Management System. The system now features a new and improved pre-assembled, single-patient procedure kit that is specifically designed to meet the needs of clinicians while also expediting paracentesis procedures.

Our RenovaRP Paracentesis Management System allows medical professionals to treat patients safely, quickly, and cost-effectively. And, its continuous flow capabilities offer complete evacuation, often in less than 30 minutes, and without the need for evacuated bottles or canisters.

Here’s a closer look at what you need to know about RenovaRP:

Enhancing Patient Safety and Satisfaction

Traditional paracentesis techniques rely on evacuated containers and/or gravity bottles to drain ascitic fluid from the abdomen, which can take a substantial amount of time and require careful monitoring. The RenovaRP Paracentesis Management System, on the other hand, is a closed and clean system that evacuates fluid directly into fully-sealed drainage bags in one continuous process via a peristaltic pump. The System offers patient satisfaction through its quick, safe fluid removal and its adjustable speed for patient comfort.1

A Faster, Easier, Safer Process for Staff

Unlike the wall suction approach to paracentesis, the RenovaRP Paracentesis Management System is portable, allowing it to be used virtually anywhere. Renova’s fully-sealed drainage bag system helps expedite procedures by preventing down time, reducing exposure risk and ensuring safe fluid handling throughout. Additionally, its newly redesigned pre-assembled, procedure kits enable fast set up, saving clinicians and patients valuable time.

“Renova has revolutionized the treatment of ascites for our patients. They love it because it decreases the time that they are in the hospital — in fact our patients demand we use Renova,” said Dr. Rajeev Suri, Vice Chair Clinical Operations, UT Health Science San Antonio (UTHSCSA), Radiology. “The physicians prefer it because it’s fast to set up and easy to use. The nurses love it because they can closely monitor their patients while increasing the number of people they can see. Our entire Hospital benefits because with Renova, we can care for more patients, and perform more procedures in a safer format.”

More Cost-Effective

RenovaRP Paracentesis Management System is a more cost-effective way to manage ascites because it can shorten procedure times compared to traditional drainage methods. In turn, shorter procedures save time and labor. Additionally, because it uses plastic bags vs. glass or plastic bottles, it saves storage space, reduces the risks of breaks and spills, and completely eliminates the need for solidifiers for disposal.

Want to learn more about the RenovaRP Paracentesis Management System? Download the product brochure here and schedule your demo today.

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