GI Supply Launches New Device to Reduce Necrotic Tissue and Pancreatic Blood Fluids

Piranha LC Aspiration Catheter reduces risk of exposure with a closed system design

GI Supply today announced the launch of the Piranha LC (Luminal Clearance) Aspiration Catheter for the improved suction of necrotic tissue and pancreatic blood fluids for the management of necrotizing pancreatitis (NP) for Endoscopic transmural necrosectomy (ETN).

The Piranha LC allows for the proper suction of necrotic tissue, and pancreatic blood fluids in the catheter, leaving a field clear for proper visualization. The primary purpose of the Piranha LC device is to support the management of Necrotizing Pancreatitis (NP). Today, there are a variety of treatment techniques currently used; however, ETN procedures have begun to emerge as the preferred treatment over surgical and percutaneous treatments currently in place within this market.

The Piranha LC offers a safe alternative by using a patented aspiration closed system. The system is designed to support the needs of gastroenterologists and the reduce risk of exposure.

Specifically, the Piranha LC Aspiration Catheter provides:

  • A Closed System to support safety by avoiding the need for scope suction
  • Ease of use for quick and intuitive procedures
  • Efficient Design that uses wall suction and a Teflon-coated catheter to maximize necrotic tissue and pancreatic blood fluids removal

“The Piranha LC is a great tool that gastroenterologists can use to clear areas of necrosis and infection and can also be used to clear blood and blood clots. The device is a closed system which will help reduce risks for the physicians and staff”, explained Robert A. Ganz, M.D., FASGE, S.A., the inventor of the Piranha LC. “It should be of great benefit in patient care.”

Working in partnership with Biomerics, GI Supply will provide national sales and marketing support on behalf of the Piranha LC Aspiration Catheter. “It is a privilege to support the gastroenterologists with this new and unique device that will support ETN procedures,” said GI Supply CFO and Interim CEO Kristi Dahlke.

Click here and scroll down to “Documentation” Tab to see how:

  • Piranha LC treats patients
  • Piranha LC Instructions for Use

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Dr. Ganz is a member of the GI Supply Board of Directors.

Jimena Garcia Vela
VP of Marketing