GI Supply Launches Innovative New Endoscopic Injection Needle

GI Supply Launches Innovative New Endoscopic Injection Needle

June 26, 2019 | Mechanicsburg, PA – GI Supply is excited to announce the launch of an innovative new endoscopic injection needle called the EndoTNeedle™. “Offering a step forward in injection needle technology is a natural next step for GI Supply given our clinical focus on submucosal innovations.” shared Luke Johnson, GI Supply CEO. “By combining the EndoTNeedle with our global leading Spot®Ex endoscopic tattoo, GI Supply also now offers the first ever tattoo procedure kit to provide greater convenience for our customers.”

The EndoTNeedle was designed to deliver several important benefits:

To the nurse/technician: Ergonomic handle that allows for single-handed use and an audible click when the needle is activated and retracted.

To the endoscopy physician: Ultra sharp needle that is reliable in retroflex and tortuous path, a stainless steel sheath to reduce kinking, and a smooth round hub to assist in tamponade.

To purchasing: competitively priced.

Stay tuned as GI Supply plans to soon launch additional new innovative products that help doctors do their work safer, simpler and faster.

Learn more about EndoTNeedle™ at

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