GI Supply Hosts Peer-to-Peer Endoscopic Tattoo Sessions for Physicians

GI Supply Hosts Peer-to-Peer Endoscopic Tattoo Sessions for Physicians

Did you know Spot® Ex is the only endoscopic tattoo indicated for clinical surveillance and surgical localization?1 In fact, in 121 follow-up exams of patients previously tattooed with Spot Ex’s predecessor, Spot®, 100% were visible up to 11 years later.2

These are just a some of the insights shared with GI physicians from around the country at our recent peer-to-peer endoscopic tattoo sessions.

With the help of local physicians, who have shared their knowledge and experience with endoscopic tattooing, we’ve been able to educate GI physicians across the country. A few weeks ago in Texas the GI Supply team was delighted to meet with physicians from Baylor and the University of Texas and recently in Chicago local physicians and nurses joined us for an information session, pictured here:

We’re grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with leading GI physicians and have them speak to their peers about the role endoscopic tattooing plays in the fight against colon cancer. It’s a privilege to work with physicians from across the country through these peer-to-peer sessions. Together we can win the fight against colon cancer.

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1 – Spot Ex Indication. Instructions for Use. G45-006 Rev03. May 2018.
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