GI Supply COVID-19 Resiliency Plan

GI Supply COVID-19 Resiliency Plan

March 30, 2020 | Mechanicsburg, PA
COVID-19 has brought some difficult times to our society. At GI Supply, our people, our patients, and our healthcare providers are our top priority. To continue to serve all of them, we have implemented a robust business continuity plan to protect the safety of customers, patients and our employee by taking the following steps:

Uninterrupted Product Supply
GI Supply will continue to provide uninterrupted service while we all work through the challenges presented by COVID-19. We have built enough inventory to meet our patients and healthcare providers needs. In addition, we are making sure that our employees at our manufacturing site are following the CDC guidelines on COVID-19 around hand washing and disease prevention.

Implemented Flexible Work Arrangements for Employees
To protect our employees, we have implemented work from home policies across our different sites. We are limiting the number of people that are at our manufacturing site and for those who are currently supporting our plant, we have implemented safety measures.

Updated Travel Policies
In order to better protect our employees and respect the critical priorities faced by healthcare professionals, we have asked our team to cease any non-essential travel and unplanned visits to hospitals and ASCs.

Implemented Virtual Support for Healthcare Providers
As live interactions become more challenging, we are implementing new educational resources to provide healthcare providers with virtual training. Our employees have the technology to provide on-line education to support the healthcare providers whenever they require our help.

At GI Supply we will continue to monitor COVID-19 to ensure we are providing the support needed for our core stakeholders. We are committed to our employees, patients, and healthcare providers.

Kristi Dahlke
CFO/Interim CEO