Find Lesions Faster with Spot® Ex Endoscopic Tattoo

Find Lesions Faster with Spot® Ex Endoscopic Tattoo

How does Spot® Ex enable Gastroenterologists and Surgeons to find lesions faster?  Spot Ex is now a much darker¹ tattoo making it easier to find² at follow-up procedures.

We frequently hear from Gastroenterologists about the time they’ve wasted looking for a poorly documented scar during a follow-up colonoscopy, and how much easier and faster it would have been if it had been tattooed with Spot Ex.  Likewise, Colorectal Surgeons encourage their GI counterparts to tattoo every case because it saves them time and reduces risk.  One study showed tattooing before laparoscopic surgery can reduce operative time by up to 40 minutes³.

Beyond helping you find lesions faster, endoscopic tattooing is clinically proven and society recommended⁴ for identifying lesions in the GI tract via colonoscopy or at surgery.  More than 30 clinical studies using Spot tattoo’s have been published to date.

CMS has announced an increase to the National Payment Rate of CPT 45381, which is used to bill for endoscopic tattooing procedures.  This reflects an increase of $22 per procedure at hospitals, and $8 per procedure at ASCs.  This dedicated reimbursement allows clinicians to cost-effectively tattoo with Spot Ex, which is only $38 per procedure.

We’ve updated our billing and coding guide to help practice managers better understand how to request reimbursement for endoscopic tattooing.

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4. Societies recommend sterile carbon particle suspensions as preferred tattoo agents and Spot Ex is a sterile carbon particle suspension.