CMS National Payment for Endoscopic Tattooing set to increase in 2019

The Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services have published their Final National Payment Rates for 2019, which include an increased payment for endoscopic tattooing (CPT 45381). Hospitals will receive an increase of $22 per procedure to $490 incrementally and ASCs will increase $8 per procedure to $252 incrementally according to the final publication1 This dedicated reimbursement allows clinicians to cost-effectively tattoo with Spot® Ex, which is $38 per procedure, to find lesions faster at follow-up procedures.

Spot Ex is a darker2 and permanent3 endoscopic tattoo that helps Gastroenterologists and Surgeons find lesions faster. Spot Ex is society recommended4 and has expanded indications that support adoption of guidelines which call for tattooing cancerous tissue, suspicious lesions and polyps to enable future identification, at colonoscopy or surgery5. Learn more about Spot Ex at

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4 Societies recommend sterile carbon particle suspensions as preferred tattoo agents and Spot Ex is a sterile carbon particle suspension.
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