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An Evidence-based Protocol for Endoscopic Tattoo

Spot® Endoscopic Marker is clinically proven and society recommended as the standard of care for clinical surveillance and surgical localization.  Despite calls for standardization in clinical literature as recent as the May 2017 Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine article “Endoscopic Tattoo: the importance and need for standardized guidelines and protocol”, no such protocol exists in scientific literature.

To help in the fight against colon cancer, GI Supply has developed an evidence-based protocol that will help Endoscopists decide whether to tattoo a lesion for further surveillance. This first of it’s kind evidence-based protocol is built based on the recently released European Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ESGE) practice guidelines for EMR and polypectomy, which provides the most comprehensive recommendations to date. The protocol is laid out as an easy to implement decision-tree Endoscopists can follow in daily practice.

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