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Endoscopic Tattooing Methods eBook

Have questions about the proper method for endoscopic tattooing? Our gastroenterologist's guide has the answers.

ESGE Guidelines

The latest guidelines for endoscopic tattooing from the European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy.


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The answers to all of your questions about why, when, and how you should tattoo for surgical localization and follow-up surveillance colonoscopy.



RenovaRP Paracentesis Pump: Setup and Operation

How to Tattoo a Tumor for Later Endoscopic Resection with Dr. Douglas K. Rex

Methods to Inject Endoscopic Tattoo into the Submucosal Space with Dr. Douglas K. Rex

How to Apply a Colonic Tattoo to a Tumor using a Bleb Technique with Dr. Douglas K. Rex

Why, When, and How to Effectively Tattoo during Colonoscopy Procedures

Spot Ex Demonstration at ImageLIVE 2018


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Spot Ex Reimbursement Guide - 2020

Spot Ex Brochure

Meducate Brochure



Endoscopic Tattooing Fast Facts

Even though the pros of endoscopic tattooing are clear, we know there may be questions for doctors and patients alike.