5 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Paracentesis System

5 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Paracentesis System

“That’s how it’s always been done.” That’s what comes to mind when we think of paracentesis procedures–so many providers feel like they’re stuck using the same old glass bottles or wall suction methods they’ve always used.

So, how do you know it’s time to upgrade your paracentesis solution for ascites management?  Be on the lookout for these signs that say you’re ready:

You’re still dealing with slow, breakable, spill-able vacuum bottles.

Vacuum bottles aren’t just a clumsy, painful process. If a glass bottle breaks, the risk of harm from the broken glass can be dangerous for both patients and practitioners. And when you combine the hassle of transporting bottles (both pre- or post-procedure), with the struggle of storing them, and the potential cost of replacing them, glass bottles just aren’t worth their weight.

You want to simplify (and improve) infection control and staff safety.

Along with physical harm from broken glass, the vacuum bottle method poses an increased risk of exposure to infection. Storing ascitic fluid in bottles or other open canisters leaves too many opportunities for exposure. Needle sticks are also a risk as the needle must be removed from one container and inserted into the next mid-procedure. However, a peristaltic pump like RenovaRP is a closed and clean system, reducing the risk of exposure as fluid travels from patients directly into drainage bags without ever touching the pump itself.


You have little or no control over procedure speed.

With vacuum bottles, control over the speed is not an option. The absence of speed control can negatively impact patient comfort and procedure time. But gone are the days of one-speed solutions — with modern paracentesis management systems like RenovaRP, your staff can adjust flow speed for full control of patient comfort, without subjecting them to increased pressure.

You need mobility, but don’t want to sacrifice speed or safety.

Imagine how much simpler paracentesis procedures would be if your patient wasn’t literally stuck to a wall unit. This antiquated method not only keeps patients stuck in one spot, it limits the possible locations for practitioners to do what they need to do. Portable solutions like RenovaRP provide the freedom to go where you need to without lugging a glass bottle-based system around with you. If you’re feeling stuck — literally or figuratively — with your solution, it’s probably time for a switch.

Patient safety and comfort are a top priority.

If the comfort and safety of your patients is at the top of your priority list, then it’s time to modernize your paracentesis solution. Without features like flow speed control or portability, traditional vacuum bottle and wall suction solutions can’t provide patients with the best possible paracentesis procedure. Your para patients are already going through a lot, so selecting the right paracentesis solution is the first step toward making them more comfortable.

If you’re noticing these signs within your practice, it might be time to upgrade your paracentesis solution. To decide which solution is right for you, download our RenovaRP Buyers Guide below:

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